9/13/18 Construction Update

  • School bathrooms continue to progress forward.  Framing is in place and drywall should start shortly.  Still looking at end of September for this project to be completed
  • School conference room is almost complete.  Waiting for cabinets and doors to arrive but the room should be ready to use early October
  • In the new parish office
    • Framing for the three large skylights will be installed by a crane by the end of the week
    • Ductwork for the heating and cooling system has started to be installed
    • In-ground plumbing should be completed by the end of the week

8/31/18 Construction Update

  • The school roof over the primary classrooms has been replaced
  • Plumbers continue to work on the bathrooms outside of the kindergarten rooms.  The work became more complicated than what was planned.  Bathrooms will be completed by the end of September.
  • Footings have been poured for the bump outs to the new parish offices.  Exterior walls will be demoded after Labor Day

8/6/18 Construction Update

  • A cause of celebration!! We  have received the actual building permit  for the Parish Offices.
  • The repairs on the school roof will begin late this week (August 6th).
  • All demo on the former parish center to be completed by mid- August  (check out our progress)

07/03/18 Construction Update

  • Abatement has started and going well.  They believe that they will be wrapped up by July 6th
  • We are still waiting on Denver for permits but we’ve corrected and submitted everything they have asked us to at this time.
  • The General Contractor Contract and all supporting documents are at AOD and we are waiting for Archdiocese Of Denver signatures on the contract
  • AD Miller, our General Contractor, believes they will be moving in July 16th to officially start