10/31/18 Construction Update

  • Tuesday November 6th a MASSIVE lift will appear on the NW exterior corner of the Church to begin the repairs on the Church roof.  Watch for changes to parking on Harrison and Warren.  The lift will be here for some time and will move around the church as repairs are made.  Watch for updates and changes in the coming weeks.
  • Mark your calendar!   Our Sneak Peek Weekend to view the new parish office building will be November 17th  from 3:30 to 4:30 pm  and Sunday November 18th from 10:00 to 11:00.
  • Our Nun will be taking Flight. Preparations to move her will begin November 19th  and she is set to depart from the current Parish Office Building on November 20th.  She will have a prominent place on the front of new parish office building.  Please note there maybe times that the front door may not be accessible during these 2 days.

10/24/18 Construction Update

  • Delay on the Church Roof
    • Due to the roof’s design, it has proven to be a bit more complicated and we are taking extra time to keep the structures integrity intact (no unscheduled skylights) and to keep the workers safe.
  • Our Nun is moving.
    • Our glorious mosaic nun is scheduled to be moved off of the current Parish Office on November 20th
  • Watch for Sneak Peek Information
    • The weekend of November 17/18 is scheduled for a sneak peek of the new Parish Office.  Keep watch for details in the coming weeks.

10/9/18 Construction Update

  • The Parish Office Move has been delayed to early January. This will not affect work on the new Parish Hall, which is slated to begin this December
  • Scaffolding has begun on the church steeple
  • The beams on the north bump-out on the new Parish Office building have been set

9/25/18 Construction Update

  • Exterior roof repair on the church begins on October 1st. Please watch for scaffolding!
  • Also, on October 1st, the school bathrooms and conference room will be complete.
  • Check out our construction photos
  • New Parish Offices- move in date is scheduled for December 3rd

9/13/18 Construction Update

  • School bathrooms continue to progress forward.  Framing is in place and drywall should start shortly.  Still looking at end of September for this project to be completed
  • School conference room is almost complete.  Waiting for cabinets and doors to arrive but the room should be ready to use early October
  • In the new parish office
    • Framing for the three large skylights will be installed by a crane by the end of the week
    • Ductwork for the heating and cooling system has started to be installed
    • In-ground plumbing should be completed by the end of the week

8/31/18 Construction Update

  • The school roof over the primary classrooms has been replaced
  • Plumbers continue to work on the bathrooms outside of the kindergarten rooms.  The work became more complicated than what was planned.  Bathrooms will be completed by the end of September.
  • Footings have been poured for the bump outs to the new parish offices.  Exterior walls will be demoded after Labor Day

8/6/18 Construction Update

  • A cause of celebration!! We  have received the actual building permit  for the Parish Offices.
  • The repairs on the school roof will begin late this week (August 6th).
  • All demo on the former parish center to be completed by mid- August  (check out our progress)

07/03/18 Construction Update

  • Abatement has started and going well.  They believe that they will be wrapped up by July 6th
  • We are still waiting on Denver for permits but we’ve corrected and submitted everything they have asked us to at this time.
  • The General Contractor Contract and all supporting documents are at AOD and we are waiting for Archdiocese Of Denver signatures on the contract
  • AD Miller, our General Contractor, believes they will be moving in July 16th to officially start