Updates for the week January 20th

  • All the roof drains (24 of them) have been replaced so no more leaking!
  • Scaffolding on the east side of the building should come down by first week in February
  • Northwest drive way should be completely open by the first week in February
  • Roofing completely installed by second week of February
  • Check out on the west side of the church the new exterior doors
  • Sidewalks along Colorado Blvd will start the first week in February, weather dependent

Construction update January 13th

  • If weather continues to be mild, the northwest driveway (and church handicapped parking) will be open by January 31, 2020
  • AD Miller, GC on our project, has given MPB a gift that includes replacing all the current carpet in the church and cabinetry in the RCIA room and East Sacristy
  • New exterior doors on the west side of church will be replaced the week of January 20th.

Construction update December 9th

  • The south west driveway entrance will be open the week of December 9th
  • Exterior brick is going up
  • Installation of the heating and cooling ductwork has begun
  • Installation of the standing seam roof will begin week of December 9th

Construction updates October 28, 2019

  • Weather has slowed the installation of the roof trusses, decking and waterproofing
  • Work continues in the basement of the Parish Hall.  Rough electrical, rough plumbing and heating ductwork have passed inspection
  • We anticipate by early December (weather dependent) that the
    • Facilities garage will be in use
    • School playfield will be completed
    • Southwest driveway will be operable for weekend mass
  • We are still looking at a completion date before Easter 2020.

Lots happening! Week of October 21

  • AD Miller trailer will move to the west side of the church plaza
  • Installation of new play equipment will be complete
  • Roof trusses will be up and metal decking will be installed
  • Work continues in the basement of the hall – rough electrical & plumbing, ductwork, and the sprinkler system
  • We should start seeing installation of brick
  • Facilities staff will move into their new space

Construction News October 7th

  • Basement of the parish center is being frames
  • Week of 10/7 parish center roof trusses will begin to go up
  • New facilities building should be ready to move in the week of 10/14
  • Sidewalk on Iliff should re-open by Tuesday October 8th at 7:00 AM

9/3/19 Construction Updates

  • Foundation will be complete by 9/6
  • Backfill should be completed by 9/13
  • All steel will be set by 9/13
  • The week of 9/16 we will begin to see the metal frame of the building

8/26/19 Construction Updates

  • Lots of concrete poured today
  • 8/27 they asphalt company will be back to patch the street along Harrison and Iliff.
  • 9/27 (no school) the driveway and ELC parking area will be closed so we can fill the cracks and seal the asphalt.  Parking off campus that day and walk in
  • When they erect steel (starting next week), they will be doing it in the parking lot and I will be working on where that’s going to happen tomorrow, Thursday

August 26th News

Next week – 8/26

  • The basement floor of the parish hall is scheduled to be poured
  • They will begin erecting the parish hall structural steel

Current – sidewalks on Warren and Harrison should be poured.  Street will be patched in the next few weeks.

  • Beginning Monday June 24th a majority of the parking lot will be closed for repair and resurfacing, this will include the weekends. There will be a small section around the ELC that will be accessible.  The  anticipated closure will be  approximately 4 weeks, weather permitting.  Please bear with us during this time.-PRAY for no rain!
  • Due to weather delays and some unforeseen rusted metal decking the roof of the church is now scheduled to be finished mid-July
  • Parish Hall foundation walls and basement floor should be poured by the end of June
  • The church parking lot is being resurfaced and we hope to have it finished no later than July 31st
  • Work has begun on the several of the school entry doors
  • Please pray for dry weather so the crews can stay on schedule!

5/31/19 Construction Updates

  • The rainy weather continues to cause delays on the work on the roof.
  • Forms for the basement wall will begin going up after Memorial Day
  • Work on the parking lot is planned to start after school is out for the summer, June 10

5/20/19 Construction Update

  • Low roof stucco should be completed by Memorial Day Weekend
  • Stucco work on the spire will continue into June
  • Replacement of the church roof should begin the week of May 20th and will take at least 3 weeks
  • We continue to have lots of activity in the construction hole.  The great news is we had minimal issues with water so construction continues to move forward

4/10/19 Construction Update


  • Demolition of the convent started Monday April 8th and clean-up should be completed by April 19th
  • Excavation of the new parish hall basement will start up again around April 17th
  • Work has begun on the church roof and will continue into mid-June
  • Handicapped parking around the church should be marked by Holy Thursday

10/31/18 Construction Update

  • Tuesday November 6th a MASSIVE lift will appear on the NW exterior corner of the Church to begin the repairs on the Church roof.  Watch for changes to parking on Harrison and Warren.  The lift will be here for some time and will move around the church as repairs are made.  Watch for updates and changes in the coming weeks.
  • Mark your calendar!   Our Sneak Peek Weekend to view the new parish office building will be November 17th  from 3:30 to 4:30 pm  and Sunday November 18th from 10:00 to 11:00.
  • Our Nun will be taking Flight. Preparations to move her will begin November 19th  and she is set to depart from the current Parish Office Building on November 20th.  She will have a prominent place on the front of new parish office building.  Please note there maybe times that the front door may not be accessible during these 2 days.

10/24/18 Construction Update

  • Delay on the Church Roof
    • Due to the roof’s design, it has proven to be a bit more complicated and we are taking extra time to keep the structures integrity intact (no unscheduled skylights) and to keep the workers safe.
  • Our Nun is moving.
    • Our glorious mosaic nun is scheduled to be moved off of the current Parish Office on November 20th
  • Watch for Sneak Peek Information
    • The weekend of November 17/18 is scheduled for a sneak peek of the new Parish Office.  Keep watch for details in the coming weeks.

10/9/18 Construction Update

  • The Parish Office Move has been delayed to early January. This will not affect work on the new Parish Hall, which is slated to begin this December
  • Scaffolding has begun on the church steeple
  • The beams on the north bump-out on the new Parish Office building have been set

9/25/18 Construction Update

  • Exterior roof repair on the church begins on October 1st. Please watch for scaffolding!
  • Also, on October 1st, the school bathrooms and conference room will be complete.
  • Check out our construction photos
  • New Parish Offices- move in date is scheduled for December 3rd

9/13/18 Construction Update

  • School bathrooms continue to progress forward.  Framing is in place and drywall should start shortly.  Still looking at end of September for this project to be completed
  • School conference room is almost complete.  Waiting for cabinets and doors to arrive but the room should be ready to use early October
  • In the new parish office
    • Framing for the three large skylights will be installed by a crane by the end of the week
    • Ductwork for the heating and cooling system has started to be installed
    • In-ground plumbing should be completed by the end of the week

8/31/18 Construction Update

  • The school roof over the primary classrooms has been replaced
  • Plumbers continue to work on the bathrooms outside of the kindergarten rooms.  The work became more complicated than what was planned.  Bathrooms will be completed by the end of September.
  • Footings have been poured for the bump outs to the new parish offices.  Exterior walls will be demoded after Labor Day

8/6/18 Construction Update

  • A cause of celebration!! We  have received the actual building permit  for the Parish Offices.
  • The repairs on the school roof will begin late this week (August 6th).
  • All demo on the former parish center to be completed by mid- August  (check out our progress)

07/03/18 Construction Update

  • Abatement has started and going well.  They believe that they will be wrapped up by July 6th
  • We are still waiting on Denver for permits but we’ve corrected and submitted everything they have asked us to at this time.
  • The General Contractor Contract and all supporting documents are at AOD and we are waiting for Archdiocese Of Denver signatures on the contract
  • AD Miller, our General Contractor, believes they will be moving in July 16th to officially start