How much has been raised so far? What percent of our parishioners are participating?

As of October 15, 2017 we’ve raised $7.2 million toward our goal of $9 million, with more than half of parishioners participating.

When will the projects begin and how long will they take?

We hope to do a groundbreaking this Autumn and be complete in approximately 12 months.

Will the new Parish Center and new Parish Offices be handicap accessible?

Yes, and, our handicap parking spaces will continue to be available during this project.

Why is it necessary to make a pledge? Can’t I decide to make a gift whenever I want?

We welcome any gift at any time.  However, it may be necessary to take out a loan from the Archdiocese of Denver to cover the cost of the project.  The loan will allow us to complete construction while parishioners are making payments on their pledges. In order to be able to confirm any loan, the parish must be able to demonstrate from its pledges and future offertory our ability to repay a loan.

How do I make a donation?

Visit our Donation page

How do I make a pledge? Where can I get a pledge form?

There are a few ways:

  • Pledge cards are available in the bulletin rack in the gathering space.
  • Email Karen Kennedy, Campaign Coordinator, with your pledge commitment: and she will call you to confirm.

Go to the Donate button and sign up through Faith Direct.

How soon do I need to make a pledge?

If you’ve not already made a commitment, please make a pledge as soon as you are able.  It is Fr. Pat’s hope that, with your support, we will reach the campaign goal by the end of this year.

Can I use one of my monthly mailed envelopes for pledge payments?

Yes, if you clearly mark the check’s memo line with “Here for Good Capital Campaign”, or you can:

  • Use Here for Good Capital Campaign envelopes, available in the bulletin rack.
  • Use a plain envelope to enclose your gift and mail to the church or drop it in the offertory basket. Please note “Here for Good Capital Campaign” in the memo line. If you need assistance, contact Mary Knowles, Business Administrator, Most Precious Blood.

Can’t some of the project be deferred so that it is not so costly?

The scope of the project was defined by taking a comprehensive look at all elements of our campus. If we defer these elements to a future date, it will only cost more money for time and materials. Despite the size of the project, it is a better use of our funds to do this all at one time.

Why not wait until we have all of the money in our savings account?

We are in a strong building market at this time. If we defer construction, the price of labor and materials will be incrementally higher. It is in the best interest of our parish to complete this project in a timely manner, even if we have to take out a loan and then repay the loan from our pledges. We are currently debt-free and have a strong financial footing.

Can I direct my gift to a particular aspect of the project, such as the new roof?

No, we need to fundraise for the entire cost of the projects through unrestricted gifts.

I’m already giving to the offertory on Sundays. Can I take those contributions and apply them to the campaign?

No. We ask that you consider a gift above and beyond your Mass offertory. Most Precious Blood is grateful to all those who give to the church’s operation budget, and we ask that your contributions to the offertory remain separate from your gift to the campaign.

Is my campaign gift tax deductible?

Gifts to the campaign are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Pledge commitments, however, are not tax deductible. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their financial advisor.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes, and you can make more than one donation! In order to reach our goal of $9 million it is essential, however, that each of us make a sacrificial gift, which can be fulfilled all at once or over a period of three years.

Will I receive a reminder?

In order to keep administrative costs down, we ask you to fulfill your pledge in the timeline you established.  An annual letter documenting all your gifts, including campaign-specific gifts, will be sent in January the following year, as we have done in the past. In January and July of each year, we will send a campaign pledge update to let you know where you are to date on your pledge, until your pledge is fulfilled.  Please feel free to call the office anytime for an update.

Who has been involved in the planning of this project?

Parishioners and staff began this project in 2015 by making suggestions and responding to our survey questions. Subsequently, there has been consultation with our Pastoral Council, Finance Committee and Building Committee. Detailed planning has been done by a team of parishioners including architects, construction supervisors, interior designers, project managers, the leadership of our School, JP Architects, A.D. Miller Construction Co. and the Parish and Finance Review Committee of the Archdiocese of Denver.

What if I have other questions about the details of the construction projects?

We welcome your questions!  Please call:


For questions or more information regarding any aspect of the campaign, please contact Mary Knowles, Business Administrator, at 303-756-3083 or