MPB Capital Campaign Update | February, 2018

As we move into another liturgical season, I am always a bit more aware of the passage of time than I usually am. I wanted to give an update about our Capital Campaign and our subsequent building project. We are about to move “into the thick of it.”

We are currently awaiting final approval from the City of Denver so we can submit our plans for permits, but even during this time there is much to do. We are currently getting bids from subcontractors so that once permits are pulled, we can begin with no delay. Our current hope is to “break ground” immediately after Easter (as soon as Easter Monday, if all goes well). To accommodate all the moving parts of this project, we have restructured the flow of events from what we had originally thought.

If we do, in fact, begin construction during Easter week, we will start with our refit of the current Parish Center space which will become our new offices. Optimally we hope to be able to move into that towards the end of August. We will take down the current office building in early September, at which time we will begin the building of the new Parish Center, which will come off of the south side of our church building, west of the main doors, extending toward the present office building. The new Parish Center will take 11-12 months to complete.

This new sequence will be more economical as having removed the present offices will give us space to store the dirt that we will excavate to build the new center. (This is a surprisingly expensive aspect of construction. This project is teaching me things they never mentioned in seminary!) This savings will actually help to cover the additional (substantial) expense of a fire suppression system in the church itself, which is now being required as part of our expansion. It will also help with some expense that is associated with shoring the south side of the building in a tight space, such as would be created if we began the new building with the old offices still standing.

There are two disadvantages that I want everyone to know about up front. The first is (as those of you who remember the original time line may have noticed) the actual time without a Parish Center is almost a year. We had originally hoped to keep that closer to nine months, but are already working on next year’s schedule to minimize interruption to our parish life.

The second drawback has to do with the now-required fire suppression system. At some point next year (we are shooting for some time between January and February of 2019) we will be celebrating weekend masses in the gym for about five weekends. For those of you who have never been to a gym mass on Christmas or Easter you are truly in for an..experience. We will be about five days short of a biblical “forty days in the desert” but, hopefully, we can make the experience one that we will remember for a long time – and not in too terrible a way.

It will be an exciting year as we begin to see this “concept” come into concrete being in our midst. Your generosity has been amazing. So many of you have stepped forward to own this community and this project, not as something to do “for the Church” as though it were some organization to support. You have truly made “Church” your community that you support and build together. I have said often and will continue to say how much I hope that everyone in our parish can look at this building and know they were part of the effort to create it and the community that lives within it.

Your pledges are already in excess of $7.5 million and, amazingly, we have already collected just under $4.9 million of that. This allows us to start the project with more than half of the money in hand. Keeping our loan with Archdiocese minimal will also save money, keeping us good steward of the community resources with which you have entrusted us. The important ministries of this parish will be greatly enhanced by these new facilities.

As we move toward Easter this year, I hope each of you can experience the goodness of your sacrificial belonging to a community that works every day to bring the gospel to those in need.

God Bless,
Fr. Pat

The Here for Good Capital Campaign will fund much-needed meeting, event and administrative space for the parish, as well as address deferred maintenance projects. We are a growing, lively and thriving community – rich in faith and charity.  Our vision is to advance our parish community by expanding programming, enhancing spiritual opportunities and increasing outreach.