The CREA Program was created at MPB, in the Fall of 2009. It aims to serve families of children who needed a more personal, direct, active, small group catechesis that facilitates inclusion and participation in the larger faith community through discovering the love of Jesus. CREA presently serves six families in the parish. It is a “family oriented” approach where parents, their children with special needs and siblings all share the same activities together.  Families of children who do not have special needs are also welcome.  We meet for ten sessions throughout the school year to hear, to respond to, and to celebrate the Word of God. We follow a very specific methodology and use symbols, movement, gestures, acting, music and singing, pictures, drawings, objects, coloring, cutting and gluing to help us receive the Good News. Towards the end of the session we always move to a room especially prepared as a “prayer room” to have a short Celebration of the Word, where we all continue learning to pray by praying together. Each session seeks to bring nourishment and challenges for each participant, children or adults, in the hope of promoting a desire and ability to grow in love for God, others and self through living our faith in our daily life. This year we are exploring the Eucharistic Celebration. Most of the families also participate in the Friend Ship Faith and Light Community in the parish. This is the second year that together, CREA and Faith and Light lead the Stations of the Cross on a Friday during Lent by reliving the stations around the altar.