Liturgical Mission Statement

Catholic liturgy is a celebration that transforms diverse people into a community of faith by uniting them with one another, and with Christ, through sacrament, story, song and service, and helps lead each person to a deeper lived experience of God, the ways that God is present there, and how they can respond to that presence.

For more information on any of these liturgical ministries, please contact Tony Haas at (303) 756-3083 x 107

Liturgical Ministry Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Altar Servers

Call:  To assist with the celebrations of weekend liturgy

Gifts Desired: You must be in 4th grade or older. Reverence, attentiveness and the ability to think on your  feet.

Commitment:  Minister at assigned liturgy. Parental support is very important.

Opportunity: To learn more about sacred liturgy.


Call: a love for the Liturgy and the ability to help direct the flow of the Sunday celebration

Gifts Desired: Organized, attention to detail, and ability to gracefully guide others

Commitment: minister at assigned liturgies.

Opportunity: Grow in appreciation of the Liturgy and working with others

Eucharist Ministers

Call: To distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the gathered assembly.

Gifts Desired: A mature understanding of the Eucharist and a reverence for the people as the body of Christ.

Commitment: To minister at assigned liturgy and attend annual workshops.

Opportunity: To grow in your Eucharistic spirituality.


Call: Proclaim the Word with care and enthusiasm. The word of God is more than print on a page. It needs to be given life and proclaimed as GOOD news.

Gifts Desired:A good clear speaking voice, and a willingness to develop your public speaking abilities.

Commitment: To be prepared to proclaim God’s Word at assigned liturgies and attend mandatory rehearsals. Attend annual workshops.

Opportunity: To be formed by the power of God’s Word.


Call: To welcome people to the liturgy, be on the look out for people with special needs, assertively assist with seating, take up the collection and distribute bulletins after Mass.

Gifts Desired: A friendly, helpful attitude. Self-direction and willingness to participate assertively in the process. Adult, Senior High youth, and families are welcome to minister.

Commitment: Attend yearly ministry workshop

Opportunity: To meet new people

Arts & Environment

Call: To create the atmosphere and mood of reverence and prayer for liturgies throughout liturgical year.

Gifts Desired:Creative minds, artistic talent, dreamers, and designers. Skills with sewing and an eye for color, form, design and aesthetics.

Commitment: Willingness to bring our worship space to life through art.

Opportunity: To see the work of your hands inspire others and bring them to a deeper experience of worship.