There are three types of prayer – verbal prayer, meditation and contemplative prayer.  Meditation is silent, but has a topic.  A good example is Lectio Divina, which involves ruminating on a passage of scripture to see what speaks to us.  Contemplative prayer at its core is the practice of being silent with no topic and letting God speak to us.

Contemplative prayer is the practice of letting go of our desires and letting God show us His desire for us instead.  It is saying ” Yes” to God.  It is the letting go of thinking.  It is allowing “and” into our lives rather than “but”.  It is the rejection of the egoic mind that is constantly judging and differentiating ourself from others.  It should be practiced at least once a day for 20 minutes.

The Contemplative Prayer group meets every Tuesday morning in the RCIA room at 7:30am for an hour.  Praying as a group allows us to amplify God’s power in our lives.  We start with 5 minutes of quiet to allow us to enter into a prayerful attitude.  Then we practice silence for 20 minutes.  This is followed by listening to excerpts from practitioners of contemplation such as Richard Rohr, Eckhart Tolle, etc.