The Share The Care™ program is based upon a model of communal caring.  Share The Care™ provides trusted, sustained and continuous support to an individual or family dealing with a temporary, chronic, progressive or terminal illness or physical limitations.  It aims to bring relief to situations where the primary caregiver is overwhelmed with the care requirements of their loved one.  Volunteers are organized through the Share The Care™ Coordinator to provide help based on family need and volunteer availability.  A private website for each team is used to keep a calendar of needs and tracks who is meeting those needs.  The website also provides a means of communication with the team through email and a message board.

The Share The Care™ communal model of care-giving offers a simple and effective solution to creating a network of care where no one person is bearing the burden alone.  If you would like to be a part of a support network here at Most Precious Blood and make a difference in someone’s life, please consider this ministry.

Contact:  Christine Maschka, Pastoral Care Associate  303-756-3083

Volunteers needed! If you would like to volunteer or would like more information, please contact Christine in the parish office or at