News & Events for May

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have ever offered the loving care and compassion of a mother! What better way to honor moms than helping moms who are struggling! Consider contributing to Catholic Charities and the Bottom Line Diaper Bank this Mothers Day.

1. Donate financially: by check

Through Catholic Charities and Bottom Line Diaper Bank (BLDB) your monetary donation can supply various agencies, including Birthline. Checks can be made out to Catholic Charities and Bottom Line Diaper Bank referencing account code 500-768-19#2050 in the memo line. Send checks directly Catholic Charities at 6240 Smith Road Denver, CO 80216.

2. Online donations:

You can also make online donations by going to:

3. Please Hold Moms in Prayer

More information at

Your Home-Made Masks are Keeping Children and Their Families Safe!

This week the MPB community made and donated 100 home-made masks to Dr Laura Luzietti who is Interim Executive Director at Every Child Pediatrics. Every Child Pediatrics is a private non-profit organization that was founded in 1996. Their mission is to provide high-quality, affordable and accessible health care and support services to Colorado children, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. They serve nearly 24,000 children per year at standalone medical offices throughout Colorado. In addition to primary care pediatrics services, we also provide behavioral healthcare, preventative dental care, nutrition services, and social supports including housing, food, and transportation resources. Over 80% of our patients are uninsured or from low-income families. They request that all patients and their families who come in to the office wear cloth face coverings while in their clinics. Your donations of masks will make that happen and keep children and their families safe. Thank you!

We continue to have requests for masks.. If you’re interested in making and donating masks, please contact Ann, she’ll find a good home for them!


Thursday, May 14
6:30-8:00 PM


Finding her in Scripture and in History

She’s the most famous woman in history. She’s beloved to 2.5 billion Catholics. But her presence in scripture is maddeningly brief. We find her here and there, but we long to know so much more about her. In our virtual WOO meeting on May 14th, Kathy McGovern (composer of the well-known Christmas song “Mary had a Baby,”) will explore what can be known about her from scripture, and how Mary’s undying presence in the Church has shaped history.

For ZOOM log-in information, contact Ann.

Accompanying the Stranger

This past week two of our MPB Justice Matters members and Casa de Paz volunteers were contacted by the Casa Director, Sarah Jackson, to accompany a released detainee from the GEO Detention Center and accompany him to a safe location until arrangements could be made to journey to his destination. The man they accompanied was medically fragile and virus susceptible having just undergone triple by-pass surgery, the week before while he was still in detention. Our volunteers, along with an additional Casa volunteer were honored to help him find his way to the safety and healing of loved ones. The three came alongside him and ensured he was well taken care of – including making his favorite dish, curry. As one of the volunteers shared “It was truly our honor to accompany this resilient brother in Christ.”

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