Parish Registration

Please click here to register.

Sacramental Records

Parish member records are handled with strict confidence. To request Sacramental records, please contact the Parish office at 303-756-3083.

Monetary Contributions

For  Monetary contributions, please contact Mary Knowles, Business Administrator at 303.756.3083.

Mass Intention Requests

Requests for Mass intentions can be arranged by visiting the Parish office, or by calling the Parish office 303.756.3083. Requests cannot be made by email.

Bulletin Information

Weekly Bulletins: Items need to be submitted to the parish office 10 days prior to the bulletin date. Articles may be emailed to

Facilities Requests

Requests for space need to be made a minimum of two weeks before the event if scheduling for a weekday, and three weeks prior if scheduling for a weekend. The request form is available by calling the Parish offices.

Change of address or updating your registration information

Please contact the Parish office at 303.756.3083.

Prayers for the Sick

Please contact the Parish office, 303.756.3083.  Requests are kept on for 30 days at which time they can be renewed if the need arises.