Pentecost LIVEStream Mass | Saturday 5/30/20 at 4:25pm

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Join us for MPB Livestream Masses on Saturdays at 4:30pm!

Given the latest (5/08/20) clarifications from the Archdiocese of Denver, our parish community at Most Precious Blood will be best served by continuing as we have been. That is, we will continue to have an on-line weekend mass live-streamed from our homes via Zoom each Saturday at 4:30pm and the video of that mass will be available for others to watch by Sunday morning.

Until we have the ability to have substantially more than 10 people (presently allowed and deemed to be safe) attending celebrations of the Eucharist, it doesn’t seem to make sense that such celebrations take place at this time. In addition to safety concerns, we feel it is important that we not allow our wonderful communal celebrations to become an experience and expression of competition, stratification and “who gets to come and who doesn’t.”

We will continue to work towards being ready to accommodate viable numbers that will allow us to invite the entire community to participate in person within a reasonable period as soon as that is deemed legal and safe. Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate these difficult paths together.

We are gathering. We are gathering in a different way…. in places we call home. Each is the domestic church and belongs to this parish as surely as the family does. While there are things we can’t experience yet, in my God’s house, there are many rooms. Fr. Patrick Dolan

Touchstones Across Sacred Space

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