A sign-up is required by clicking a button above, no later than 6:00pm Thursday.

Please read the detailed information below about signing up and safety guidelines and confirmations. If you have any questions, please contact the Parish office at (303) 756-3083.


  • https://mpbdenver.org/live
  • All weekend and Holy Week Masses can be viewed LIVE-ONLY at the time they occur.
  • All songbooks, worship aids and schedules can also be found here.


This will perhaps be the most difficult issue for people to understand. The obligation to attend is still suspended at this time and may be for some time to come. This does not mean “I don’t have to go, but a really good Catholic would go anyway.” It is going to be a bit new for us to make this type of decision. The Church wants you to evaluate for yourself your personal risks, your personal medical health, your own beliefs of the dangers presented by the pandemic at any given time. From there, you alone should decide whether or not you are ready to come to a room with other people (number in accordance with city and county requirements) in it for close to an hour.

If you decide to stay home and join us for our online mass while someone else decides to come back, it does not make either of you the “better Catholic.” If your feeling that you are drawn to come back at this time outweighs your concerns, then you can make that decision as well.


In order to attend Mass you MUST register ahead of time. There will be a volunteer and/or staff member at the entrance of the Church to “check in” those who have signed up. While this seems “out of place” at a church, it is necessary for now.

The dispensation from the Sunday and Holy Day obligation to participate in the Mass remains in effect until further notice.