For all emergencies requiring the presence of a priest (those situations involving someone who is ill, coming to end of life, or has just passed away) please call our main number (303)756.3083, and a staff member will contact Fr. Dolan immediately.

If you call after regular office hours, or during lunch, you will reach the answering service. Simply press O (zero) and you will be connected with an operator, who should be able to connect you directly to Fr. Dolan. Please let them know you can hold for a moment while they reach me, as this is always quicker than leaving information and waiting for a return call.

FOR ALL FINANCIAL “EMERGENCIES” These are not handled by a priest but by our St. Vincent de Paul Society. For all financial or material assistance, you must contact the office during regular office hours and ask for the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Last Rites

“Last Rites” in the Catholic Faith is a historic phrase given to three sacraments that have are generally celebrated in the final moments of life, or in moments where there is a perceived “danger of death.”

In such times we connect a person to the entire community of faith through the celebration of:

  1. Anointing of the Sick
  2. The Sacrament of Reconciliation, and
  3. The Celebration of the Eucharist (historically referred to as “viaticum”, or sustenance “for the journey”).

In modern times and with modern medical care, we often find that an individual may not be able to receive all of the elements of last rites. They may not be aware enough  to participate in confession. They may no longer be able to take solid food (including the Eucharist). In such occasions we still celebrate the liturgy of anointing and say prayers. When the situation arises and any or all of the “last rites” need to be requested, please call the parish office at 303.756-3083. If you call after hours (or during lunch hour) please dial “1” to get to our answering service and ask the operator to allow you to hold the line while he or she connects you directly with a priest.

Blessing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick is to be celebrated for those who are struggling with issues of health and need the support of their faith.  This sacrament calls for the healing power of Christ and connects the individual to the prayers of the entire Church.

This sacrament is celebrated regularly after our 7am daily mass on the first Friday of every month, as well as at our monthly mass celebrated at the Christian Living Center on the first Monday of every month (please call the office for specifics on this mass).

For individual situations, please call the office to make an appointment with a priest for anointing of the sick at 303.756-3083.