Most Precious Blood Community Social Outreach Committee

The Social Outreach Committee is comprised of parishioners along with the MPB Social Outreach Coordinator. This committee meets the second Tuesday of the month August through May. Members of the committee represent various MPB outreach ministries in the parish.

Social Outreach Committee Mission Statement: Because of our dedication to Catholic Social Teachings, we are committed to reach out to all in need.

The Social Outreach Committee serves the MPB community and those in need by:

  • Connecting and supporting the many outreach ministries active in the parish and communicating the mission and needs of these outreach ministries to the larger MPB community.
  • Heightening awareness of the MPB community of the ongoing support we provide to many through financial giving and through encountering those in need.
  • Providing opportunities for the MPB Community to delve deeper into Catholic Social Teachings and to provide opportunities to live the Gospel by serving others.
  • Determining financial support for various organizations, groups and individuals through an application process. The committee communicates this process of parish giving with the MPB community. This process is fluid in order to include needs as they arise throughout our changing world.

Outside non-profit charitable organizations can apply to the committee on a yearly basis for funding along with volunteer support through an application process. The committee reviews these quarterly and applications must be completed yearly in order for the request to be considered multiple times. The application is attached.

Questions and completed applications can be directed to Ann Zimmer

2018-19 Committee Members

Yvonne Costello
Liz Dixon
Bob Hayes

Debora Hurley
Patricia Leahy

Nancy Sayre
John Shively
Megan Hazel

Mary Ann Tarpey
Ann Zimmer (MPB Social Outreach Coordinator)
Rebecca Payo

MPB Sponsored Agencies 2018-2019

Applications for 2019-2020 will be accepted from July 1, 2019-May 1,  2020